My last creation ! 

It has been long but long since I help a friend with their invitations here is my the one I just did for a friends baby shower !!!  



How everything started

Since  I knew how used a camera I was with one in hand almost 24 hrs 7 days a week. I had polaroids, disposable, film cameras, used the regular and the one hour develop film method.  And then the digital cameras make their fist appearance. Now I have my first DSRL camera a Canon Rebel T5. I knew this was not such a big deal of a camera, but I thought to myself who cares all I want is to learn first. Yet I forgot one little detail I spent about 6 years learning and using photoshop. I am quite good if not great making personalized invitations and all that stage start because I am the mother of fraternal twins boy and girl. Therefore finding invitations to match their birthday themes was a journey.  Now I have my T5 for about 7 -8 months and I am already looking at the Canon 6D I have 6 lenses all simple no big deal yet but if there are two lenses I want they are the Canon EF 300mm F/4.0 L IS Lens and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro.  Why? you might ask well my biggest passion is macro photography and nature yet I am a little scared of all the living bug 🙂 and  taking a photo a great one ! of the moon is in my bucket list. I really have not goals for picturing models, maybe that will change but for now nature and abstract are what I like.  I guess what I am trying to say is this is not a thing that just happen is been part of me for long and I have come far from where I was and I am not planning to stop until I can get that WOW!!! I want to cause in people. I had a hobby page in my facebook where I post all I did and now all the photos I take.

here is a glance of what I used to pass my days doing now is more about photos. I never feel more excited about anything than I am now. Therefore, I ask the world to be patience and watch my journey as I learn on my own how to accomplish this journey.

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